The Lachine concert band is a non-profit organisation (see registration in the "registraire des entreprises")

Board of Administrators

  • Is jointly and solidarilly responsible for the administration and management of the band
  • Decides on administrative matters
  • Determines band policies
  • Names the officers
Board Member Resource

Ivan ReedePresident
Claire MondouVice-president
Debbie Cunningham Band Recorder
Richard Styrczula Treasurer

Band Officers

  • Manage the band's day to day activities
  • Manage finances
  • Manage public relations
  • Manage our music library
  • Book and organize concerts and events
  • Organize social activites
  • Organize rehearsals
  • Conduct surveys on music selection
  • Determine the music selection
    • in consultation with the conductor
    • taking into account the music selection survey results

Ivan Reede President, general director
Ellen Bockus Vice-president
Melany Pariseau Secretary
Richard Styrczula Treasurer
Claire Mondou Master Librairian
Kerry Roebuck Conductor
Stanley Aleong Ombudsman
Barbara Ford Ombudsman


Our band would not survive without the precious help of volunteers. All of our musician members are volunteers.
Over and beyond the call of duty, many musicians double up by giving a helping hand to the band.

Ivan Reede Webmaster
Event audio-visual support
Ellen Bockus Graphic artist
Stanley Aleong Assistant librairian
David Pedersen Partition transport
Claire Mondou Social activities
Ariel Davidson Partition scanning
Debbie Cunningham Partition scanning
Instrument loan control