Members and Affiliated Musicians

Kerry Roebuck  
Victoria McHugh Ivan Reede (1st alto & soprano) Debbie Cunningham
Isabelle Laroche Simon Tymchyk (alto) Richard Styrczula
Mickey Pearson vacant (2nd alto) Micheline Plante
David Pedersen Brian Bunch (ténor)
Ariel Davidson Maurice Tovel TUBA
Mac McCambridge Herb Pidcock (baryton) Vacant
Pesha Tanny Ellen Bockus Gord Davidson
Sylvie Paquette Jocelyn Pierre  
  Willard Riley ELECTRIC BASS
CLARINET Jean-Charles Petticlerc Stanley Aléong
Mélany Pariseau Tino Sauro  
Claire Mondou Alex Low UPRIGHT STRING BASS
Jan Shantz   Vacant
Joanne Premont FRENCH HORN  
Sara Akram-Parizeau Pierre Marchessault PERCUSSION
Sapphire Zhu   Vacant
Steven Winikoff TROMBONE Barbara Ford
Lou Jandowski John Biddle
BASS CLARINET Denis Cabana  
Vacant Eleanor Turner BASSOON
  Robert Gresko Vacant

We have immediate vacancies for Bass clarinet, 2nd alto sax, french horn, tuba, upright string, bassoon and percussion

Musician`s Resource

MusicLover Members and Affiliates

MusicLover Members are residents of the city of Lachine who help the band in various ways.
MusicLover affiliates are non-residents of the city of Lachine.
They provide the band with their name, phone#, e-mail, year of birth and physical address of residence.
This information corresponds to the requests made by the city of Lachine.
They are nonvoting members of the band..
In exchange for their help, they may be invited to attend rehearsals and private concerts.
They may also be given rebates on concert tickets.